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Digital TV Aerial services : Tv aerial

Digital TV Aerial installation

SDS Aerials are a local provider of TV aerial installations. We have been installing digital TV aerials in Stockport and Manchester for many years.
We offer Free on-site assessments, Free no obligation quotes. We can usually book you in for a next day appointment. Our aim is get your TV's up and running as soon as possible.
Our vans are fully stocked to deal with most issues, so if you are happy with our quote we can quickly fix your poor reception issue. whether that be you just need a simple TV aerial repair or you require a new digital aerial fitting. No matter your TV aerials requirements SDS aerials can help.

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Digital TV Aerial services : Tv aerial repair

Tv aerial repair

Has your aerial fallen over? Bracket come loose? Water in your coax cable?

SDS aerials can quickly and efficiently repair your TV aerial. We have been carrying out TV aerial repairs in Stockport for many years.

Our engineer can diagnose your TV reception problem, advise the best solution and carry out repairs all on the same visit. No need to wait to get back to watching your favourite TV programs. 

Call us today on 07761671467

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Digital TV Aerial services : About Us

New tv aerial installation

No matter if you need a new TV aerial installed to one room or multiple, SDS aerials can provide you with a Free quotation.
Our engineer can come out and assess your property to find the ideal TV aerial location, the correct digital aerial needed and find the optimal cable route.
We only use the highest quality TV aerials on the market, twin screened coax cable and galvanised brackets.
You can rest assured as all our new digital aerial installations come with 18 month guarantee as standard.
SDS aerials are fully insured with 1 million pound public liability insurance. Our engineer has many years experience installing TV aerials in Stockport and Manchester area.
Call us today on 07761671467

Digital TV Aerial services : About Us

extra tv points and multiroom viewing

It is becoming more and more popular to have a TV in every room of the house. SDS aerials can install extra TV points from your existing aerial most of the time. 

Providing you already have a up to date Digital aerial installed, We can feed as many rooms as you wish.

whether you want a TV in kitchen or for the kids bedroom SDS aerials Stockport can help.

We can hide the cables as discrete as possible. we will advise you on our cable runs before fitting them.

Call us today for a free quote.

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Digital TV Aerial services : Bird spike install

Bird spikes

A TV aerial is the perfect perch for a bird. Unfortunately this can cause numerous problems, the most common being the mess they make. If the TV aerial is located above a driveway or door, bird droppings can be very annoying to clean up everyday. The good news is there are options available to stop this happening. The ideal solution would be to relocate the aerial, either to inside the loft or a different location on the property. Sometimes the optimal place for the TV aerial over hangs over doors or drives etc. In this case we can install a cranked mast so the aerial and mess drops onto the roof. Another solution would be to install bird spikes onto the aerial to deter the birds from landing on it. The bird spikes themselves are plastic so will not cause any interference to digital signals, just cosmetically they are not the most appealing. Book in for a free quotation and our engineers can discuss all your options.

bird s

Questions and Answers

How many rooms can you feed off one aerial?

Hotels with a hundred plus rooms only have one Aerial so there is no limit as these would be fed from an amplifier. On domestic properties however depending on which transmitter you receive your signals from you would not have use an amplifier if the signal strength was high enough, again this would only be known if you used a signal meter.

Do aerials need to be fitted outside?

No, most aerials fitted outside were done so for ease of gaining clear signal in the days of analogue, a digital signal can be obtained in most, but not all situations from the roof space (loft) though the signal strength will be lower therefore would need amplifying to distribute to other rooms.

My picture on my digital TV is breaking up/going into squares/pixellating, is this my aerial?

The majority of time yes, it is an aerial fault. Sometimes it can be a tuner problem in the digital TV or digi-box. If it is an aerial problem, it usually points to a weak or poor signal or possibly 4G LTE mobile phone signals. For this we can fit a 4G filter. all our engineers have spectrum analyser meters to check the signal strength.

I have some channels missing?

The signals are transmitted in what is called a multiplex or mux. And each one carries a number of channels. If any of these are weaker than the signal level required for the digital TV/Freeview box to lock onto, the channels carried in that mux will be missing, resulting in channels missing on your Freeview. This then points to an aerial fault.

What is the difference between Freeview and Freesat?

Freeview is usually the simplest option, But Freesat offers much more choice. Freeview among newer TVs is usually already installed, taking away the need for additional boxes. Where as freesat has more channels to choose from. For more information on this check out our blog on this subject.

Digital TV Aerial services : FAQ

why choose SDS aerials Stockport?

local, trusted and family run.

SDS aerials are a Stockport based company. We have a established enviable reputation in Stockport and surrounding areas.

experienced engineer

Our engineer has been installing TV aerial and satellites across Stockport and Manchester for many years. He has a in depth knowledge of all aspects of digital reception and the local area.

fully insured and Qualified

SDS aerials areas are fully covered with 1 million pound cover public liability insurance and our engineers are fully working at heights qualified.

guaranteed workmanship and highest quality parts

All our TV aerial repairs come with a 12 month guarantee and our new TV aerial installations come with 18 months. We pride our selves in being able to offer the highest quality work at the best possible price.

Digital TV Aerial services : List
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