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Freeview or Freesat, whats the difference?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

No longer are the days where we only have a handful of free TV channels to choose from. Freesat and Freeview both offer a huge choice of TV and radio channels. Both options don't require a subscription and have no monthly costs. So i'm sure the question your asking is, Whats the difference? And which is better for me? Hopefully my handy guide will help you.


Freeview is the most common way of watching free-to-air TV. Freeview is received through a Digital TV aerial. All modern TV's will have a standard Freeview tuner built in, so there should be no need for additional boxes.

The number of channels you receive on Freeview will vary from region to region, On average you should receive around 70 TV channels and 15 HD channels.


Freesat is becoming more affordable as some of the modern TV's are coming with Freesat tuners built along side a Freeview tuner. Freesat is received from the same satellite that sky TV comes from, so a old sky dish should be able to be connected straight to a Freesat receiver. Providing the dish is receiving a signal and its not a SKY Q LNB.

Some of the newer TV's have a Freesat tuner built into the TV. If your TV doesn't have a Freesat tuner in it, then a additional receiver will be needed.

Freesat offers more choice with 200+ Tv and radio channels and 20 HD channels.


This is usually the main factor is which one to choose. Freeview has around 98% coverage, However around 15% of this is Freeview lite. Which is usually only a fraction of channels that you would normally get on Freeview. However Freesat has almost full coverage - assuming a clear line of sight can be achieved.


Costs will vary from house to house, There are many things to take into consideration. On average Freeview will be the cheaper option. Assuming that there is nothing in place already. but things to factor into the costs are:

What equipment is in place already.

What tuners are inside your TV or if you will need additional receivers.

Whether you are in a poor Freeview reception area or if a clear line of sight can be achieved for satellite.

SDS aerials can advise which may be he cheaper option for you.


If your not to fussed then my advice would be to check what system you already have in place. Freeview is usually the simplest option, But Freesat offers much more choice.

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