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BT Vision, Do I need a Digital TV aerial?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In short yes! BT offer a range of different boxes, Some record TV channels some don't but they all work off the same principle. There are many different subscription choices, with packages varying from kids channels to sports.

No matter which package you have, You will receive all the Freeview channels that are available in your area and you will need a TV aerial for these to work. The subscription channels work through the Internet, so sports channels etc don't need a TV aerial as these are received via a Internet connection.

BT TV provides Freeview channels through your aerial, and premium channels via broadband.

To get Freeview channels which are available in your area, you'll need a working rooftop TV aerial with the right cabling to plug into the BT TV box. You won't be able to use the cables installed for Sky or Virgin.

If you are switching from Sky or virgin. It may be worth checking if you have a TV aerial in place and if it is working, before switching over to BT. Sometimes the cost of a new Aerial is overlooked, when shopping around for the best deals!

Feel free to contact if you need a quote for a new aerial in the Greater Manchester area.

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